Heavenly ExChange

…is an invitation to go into Heaven’s domain to commune with Papa God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and their kingdom realm.


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We are followers of Jesus Christ who are engaging Heaven to be released into the Earth.

The King’s Domain come, His will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

We will be gathering together once a month so please join us. Everyone is welcome as we begin this great adventure in a new era.

What Is Heavenly ExChange?


Heavenly ExChange in 2018

Dates are booked for three gatherings in 2018 which you can find on our site page:

Event Calendar for 2018

Our event audio recordings are available for free download. To listen to or download MP3s go to our Media page. We hope you are blessed - enjoy!

You can also watch our event video recordings on our Heavenly ExChange YouTube Channel or via our one of our video site pages (found under Media).

Recent Site Updates

Heavenly ExChange has been established to awaken people and the earth to the beauty and love wrapped up in the being of God.

You are Papa’s dream created for a deep loving relationship with Him, that is why God is freely extending an invitation for you to join him in the Kingdom Realms.

As we engage with the supernatural realities that encompass us we will overflow with joy and will be changed into the focus of our obsession, Jesus.