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Heavenly ExChange

…is an invitation to go into Heaven’s domain to commune with Papa God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and their kingdom realm.


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Event Archive 2015

Saturday 21st March 2015

The evening began with Leona giving a short testimony on her visit to Analicia’s home where she experienced an open Heaven.

Our guest speaker Analicia then spoke very powerfully and personally about how she engages with God on a very intimate level each day. Analicia then followed with some practical examples of how she does this in her own life.

Saturday 18th April 2015

We began the evening with the focus on ecstatic praise followed by Leona giving a short testimony about a heavenly encounter.

Stephen then released a message about reformation within our nation which will result in the formation of apostolic hubs. These will be places where we will see the goodness of God’s glory manifest upon the earth.

Saturday 30th May 2015

Leona shared about the blueprint for Heavenly ExChange in Cambridge.

We engaged with God and He released new songs, new dance and words of prophecy through us into the earth realm. A good time was had by all including God!

During this event the following prophecy was released through Petra:

“I sense a shift in the room. We have moved into another dimension and there’s a lot of activity suddenly. I see many angels appearing at the back of the room and a long table is being set up – it goes on for miles – I cannot see the end of it. White table cloths are covering the table and then the choicest of foods are being put there along with decorations and candle lights – I see fresh fruits, roast chicken – lots of colour – a great feast is being prepared before us… and I hear Papa saying:

(Reading from Isaiah 55:1-2) ‘Ho! Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters; and you who have no money come, buy and eat. Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost. Why do you spend money for what is not bread, and your wages for what does not satisfy? Listen carefully to Me, and eat what is good, and delight yourself in abundance.’ There is so much more on offer for us – even right now. All we have to do is ‘tuck in’.

To listen to or download audio recorded at any of our 2015 events, please refer to our Audio 2015 page.

Saturday 27th June 2015

The evening began with Leona sharing about some strangers she met in Cambridge city who she released healing to.

The Lord ask Jane to stand to release a powerful prophetic message and teaching. We felt an immediate manifestation of this.

Saturday 18th July 2015

Leona began the evening with some music and afterward released the prophetic promise that we would each overcome until the end.

This was followed by intimate worship lead by Sam and Chidera with God being glorified and everyone being blessed.

Saturday 15th August 2015

The message for this gathering was released for only those who attended the evening.

It was a very significant evening with the Holy Spirit revealing in a vision that the milk was gone and that we were now going to be eating meat. Amen.

Saturday 26th September 2015

The pulse of Papa gives us the times and seasons, that is why it is important to continually engage with God. To help explain this Leona described some of her experiences with God before eternity.

Leona also talked about the second wave which is the mature sons of God arising and likened it to the relationship between David and Jonathan in the Bible.

Saturday 17th October 2015

It was a memorable evening with the fiery chariots and seraphim angels for which we want to thank and honour our Papa and his Kingdom.

Leona spoke about the Light of God on a subatomic level and how encountering God’s light will bring us into the perfect alignment with loving ourselves.

A prophetic beautiful Word was released by the Holy Spirit through beloved Jane G:

“I saw what looked like a huge tear from Papa hanging in the air and it had crystal light in it. Then it became a gentle rain over everyone of us sitting in the room. I could see Papa looking upon us and blowing upon us. I wondered what He was doing and began to inhale the air and when I did I realised he was breathing life into us. Others began to be created out of us and Papa came amongst us to stand in the middle of us.”

Saturday 21st November 2015

Wow, Rob Gurton is an incredible testimony of our awesome God. Under the anointing he was able to masterfully weave together and share his love of the word of God as well as share his magnificent personal life.

Saturday 19th December 2015

David’s Welcome Address

We were extremely excited to welcome David from South Africa who has taken a step of faith to take up permanent residency in our beloved nation. David was invited by Papa to address us ~ which he did beautifully.

Leona's Talk

Realising we are one with our Papa in the beginning and remain so eternally has been a profound ongoing revelation to me. Papa asked me to share some intimate encounters and this opened up encounters with others present… I decree this become your testimony also for there is no greater revelation than eternal oneness with our creator.