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Heavenly ExChange

…is an invitation to go into Heaven’s domain to commune with Papa God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and their kingdom realm.


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Event Archive 2016

Saturday 9th January 2016

Leona opened by welcoming all the special guests and honouring Justin & Rachel Abraham and all the beloved team in Cambridge. She went on to share her message ‘We are ONE’ ~ Eph 4:6.

Wow ~ We thank you Papa that you kissed us - you lavished us with your goodness at your Heavenly ExChange gathering and over the weekend.

Thank you God and your kingdom realm who serve us with such excellence.

We continue to be so grateful for the heroes of our nation Justin and Rachel Abraham. We have been propelled to a new realm of glory freedom from their sweet and spicy Christ fragrance of bliss. To know them is to love them. We pray every blessing in ~ through and upon Justin and Rachel and their family.

Thank you also to Dominic and Anna Konieczny who led us in sweet worship - you are powerfully adorable.

For all of our team who so selflessly served I thank you for your love to Papa - His body - Cambridge and to Anthony & I. I decree a massive return on your seeds.

To all of our family who visited us for the first time it was beautiful to have you with us - we celebrate each of you and are praying this year you go deeper into the realm of God to enjoy him and to be enjoyed. You are always welcome amongst us as ‘We are ONE’ Eph 4:6

We are - Cambridge is forever & blissfully changed - thank you our beautiful magnificent Papa, we love you.

To listen to or download audio recorded at any of our 2016 events, please refer to our Audio 2016 page.

Saturday 13th February 2016

The Holy Spirit released a message on intimacy to Leona on the evening.

A few words of knowledge were also released to some of those present.

Saturday 12th March 2016

Papa had asked Leona to spend the week before the gathering to join with Him in writing a story. Although it was an unknown path it turned out to be an ecstatic one. There was a lot of joy in the releasing of the story and it was well received by all.


You can get the usual free MP3 audio download from our Event Recordings 2016 page. Alternatively you can watch the video from our Videos page or from our Heavenly ExChange YouTube Channel.

Saturday 9th April 2016

It was an incredibly powerful night as the glory of heaven manifested in the earth realm.

The intimacy that Ann shares with God opened gateways that were tangible to those present. We experienced something with eternal weight upon it.

Saturday 14th May 2016

YHVH is our all in all. The journey of realisation is that YHVH loves you and you were created to enjoy pleasure within Him.

Home Gathering, 28th May 2016

Papa asked Leona to release a prophetic declaration into His kingdom realms, a message about Heaven Hubs which He has begun to establish.

Also released was a major revelation on one of the last untapped mountains of resource available to us.

Saturday 11th June 2016

Our awesome guest Richard Lewis invited us to board Papa’s Glory Train. Not only did we have an incredible evening but we significantly impacted global change.

Saturday 2nd July 2016

Leona and David had a wee conversation on mystic matters and some further mysteries were revealed.

Saturday 13th August 2016

Leona released revelation from the Father regarding the seasons surrounding the journey of mystic embodiment.

Saturday 10th September 2016

There is something very special about sons who become best friends of their father. This is the reality of what God desires for each of us.

Saturday 8th October 2016

Leona and David had a conversation on the vital importance of simplicity which enables us to perceive our existing relationship with God.

Saturday 12th November 2016

Leona shared a personal message about physical encounters in this dimension. His Kingdom has come and God’s desire is for us, as a community, to interact with Heaven on earth.