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Heavenly ExChange

…is an invitation to go into Heaven’s domain to commune with Papa God, Jesus, Holy Spirit and their kingdom realm.


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We begin with thanksgiving praise and worship which is followed with sharing on Heavenly experiences from anointed speakers.

Heavenly ExChange will be an opportunity to gather together around the Throne of God to gaze at the beauty of our Papa ~ Jesus and Holy Spirit. As we behold their glory we will be changed.

We have no set format ~ our only agenda is to engage the sweet presence of God. Following the blueprint of Heaven ~ we will also have prolonged uninterrupted worship. As we journey with the Lord and his kingdom we will perhaps bring words or teachings ~ but we will only be going wherever the Lord leads us.

To listen to or download audio recorded at any of our events, please refer to our Media page.

You can find event dates for this year and previous years on the pages linked below:

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Information on past events, including released prophecies, can be found on our event archive pages for each year: